So you don’t have a dive certification but you still want to discover the beautiful underwater life of the Azores? Season Challenge has the solution for you! Join us on our snorkeling trips with an experienced snorkeling guide. The place where the snorkeling guide will take you depends on how comfortable you feel in the water.

We have a variety of snorkeling spots that range from shallower bottoms, with rock formations that provide shelter to a great diversity of marine species, to deeper areas such as the shipwreck site of the Dori cargo ship.

The marine ecosystem of São Miguel has a huge diversity of species that can be found in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Macaronesia region. You will be able to see several wrasse species, such as the ornate wrasse and the rainbow wrasse, the atlantic and the blue damselfish, parrotfish, white seabream, grey triggerfish, common octopus, stingrays, moray eels, and also pelagic species such as barracuda, guelly jacks, blue jack mackerel among other fascinating species.

Our snorkeling trips have a duration of 1 hour and can start either by boat or directly from the coast.

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