Season Challenge provides full scuba diving equipment to our customers that don’t have the chance to bring their own equipment or that prefer to travel without a heavy luggage.

Our Cressi wetsuit with 7mm neoprene (Castoro Plus) provides an excellent fit and comfort during your dives and our Cressi Start Pro BCD has the jacket style stability and the convenience of weight integration. Besides that, our Cressi Pro Light fins combines two different materials, a strong polypropylene for the blade and soft thermo rubber for the foot and protective inserts, which provide exuberant performance without too much physical effort. 

It is also possible to rent regulators with a integrated console (Compass, Pressure and Depth gauge) and diving computer (Cressi Leonardo) which can be programmed to dive with Air or Nitrox. Moreover, it is also possible to rent masks, snorkels, weight belt, hood (5mm), boots (3,5mm) and gloves (2,5mm).


The rental is not available for personal use outside of the diving center activities.