B2B Solutions

The Azores Archipelago has become increasingly well-known among tourists and is now considered an excellent touristic destination and also one of the best places to dive in Europe. With an airport situated only 10 minutes away from the main city (Ponta Delgada), the São Miguel Island offers privileged conditions such as direct flights from many European capitals, USA and Canada. Furthermore, it has a good road network and pedestrian access to major points of interest and also a modern hospital equipped with a hyperbaric chamber in Ponta Delgada.

Situated in the Pêro de Teive Marina in Ponta Delgada, Season challenge offers a wide array of services intended for touristic operators and DMC’s in order to provide better solutions that will overcome your customers’ expectations during their stay in São Miguel Island.

The implementation of an integrated management system with quality, environment and security, according to the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 guarantees the continuous improvement of our services and strengthens the existing resources.

Our B2B solutions are always specifically developed within an optimization resource base and also with an excellent price/quality relationship, always taking into account the highest safety and accident prevention standards.

Transfers and logistics

A perfect transfer and logistics organization is essential to provide a better group management and overall satisfaction of the customers when using our services. Season Challenge provides logistics and transfers for its customers between the airport, hotels and activity areas where our main priority is to fulfill the schedules and provide maximum comfort to our customers.

Season Challenge provides a customer manager which maintains a regular contact between our team and the touristic operator team or DMC. We have our own automobile fleet, but we also have partnerships with the main bus and car rental companies.

Our transfer service allows an easier and more practical customer management without the need of other collaborators, contributing to a higher profit and quality of your services.

Tours and Activity Guides

Human resources are a crucial factor in every company and are even more important in companies involved in providing the customers pleasure and wellbeing during their touristic activities.

The selection of human resources in Season Challenge complies with several criteria and rigorous procedures in order to form a reliable and dynamic team that can adapt rapidly to our customers’ needs.

We also offer bilingual guides that speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German and Russian, with good knowledge on the island history and its fauna and flora.

Safety is our main priority in all of our activities, therefore all the elements of our team have the necessary training and equipment in order to provide first aid assistance when needed.

The Season Challenge team is constituted by biologists, nature guides, instructors and experienced operation managers, forming a well-balanced team that offers the best solutions for our main services such as bus tours, city-walks, hiking trails, boat tours and diving trips.

Local Representation

Season Challenge provides group representation and client support service suitable to the needs of every client. Our Head office is located in a privileged area on the main boulevard in front of the major city hotels such as Marina Atlântico and Açores Atlântico of the Bensaude group, the future first 5-star hotel Princípe do Mónaco in Azores and the Ponta Delgada Casino.

Our customer service is bilingual, Portuguese/English, and its available 24h per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. Furthermore, we can also provide, in some cases, Portuguese/German, Portuguese/French and Portuguese/Russian attendance.

A place of excellency and a dedicated team are crucial factors that you and your customers will be able to benefit by selecting our services. With Season Challenge your customers’ needs and goals will be fulfilled, turning their vacations in Azores into an unforgettable experience!

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